Monday, April 27, 2015

             CARIBBEAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY                                                           CONSULTANCY

We Are The Number One Service in the World for Caribbean Intellectual Property.


Serving the region's governments and clients since 2005.With a network of Attorneys and Scholars, we provide solid guidance for all your Caribbean IP needs in consultancy, litigation, and mediation.

Caribbean Intellectual Property Consultancy is headed by Abiola Inniss LLM, Ph.D. a renowned expert in Caribbean Intellectual Property with an established reputation in advising regional governments and international clients.

We retain qualified Attorneys from every country in the region who are selected for their experience in the field, ensuring that our clients get the best service.


We provide qualified and experienced Attorneys who can provide competent legal advice on all Intellectual Property matters in the Caribbean. We work with companies and individuals to ensure that your receive the full benefit of the available legal protection for patents ,trademarks, copyright and industrial design. Our portfolio includes litigation, mediation and general consultancy.

Our Reach

For more than a decade we have partnered with Attorneys and scholars across the english speaking Caribbean and Haiti to provide you with the best options for your Intellectual propety needs.

We understand the business and cultural norms of the region as well as the differences across the legal systems.

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