Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kaieteur News Plagiarised my article

As a legal writer, I have contributed several articles to the Commentaries page of the Caribbean Net news and have received many favourable comments. I was particularly upset to find that the Kaieteur news of Guyana my homeland,had brazenly and in blatant disregard for all the rules of professionalism in journalism,the law , and of decency,copied wholesale and published my article under another title and with no attribution to me,instead they claim to have taken it from someplace called Hoovers, though I certainly could not find such a site and only published with Caribbean Net News see
The editor ought to be ashamed to display such disgraceful conduct , non-professionalism and downright thievery even as they claim to highlight corruption in Guyana.Typical of persons of that ilk, that newspaper is not likely to retract nor correct its behaviour.
See photos and read the article below.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Infringing article part2

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Copyright infringment of my article by Kaieteur News. The original article is entitled 'Restorative justice: a farfetched idea for the Caribbean?'

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